Let’s talk about prices and budgets. 


One of the most common questions I get asked is how much do wedding flowers cost? The answer is different for everyone as no two events are the same. However, that doesn’t help you with your planning. As a general rule it’s said you should budget 10% of your total budget on flowers, but if you want that pinterest worthy day it may be closer to 30%. Did you also know the season and flower choices impact your quote? 


 Fiore Dorato flowers average spend is £3000 however some weddings are £1200 and others £15k plus and everything in between. 


I would always suggest to get the most of your budget you choose one show stopper item, such as an arch or hanging installation, opposed to numerous smaller items. 


Below is an example of what could be included with a £3k spend in our signature meadow style full of texture, seasonal blooms and candles. 


  • Bridal party including 3 bridesmaids, Groom and groomsmen, parent flowers and a flower girl 
  • Ceremony installation eg arch 
  • Delicate aisle meadows for 5 rows or pew ends, these are then used in your reception area. 
  • Top table décor in various styles
  • 10 low guest tables usually in 3 styles to create interest. 
  • Cake flowers and welcome sign 


Now obviously this is just an example cost and if you are wanting clouds of roses, peonies and hydrangeas with minimal foliage the same requirements could be double the cost. Being transparent about your spend allows Fiore Dorato to create something bespoke to your both.


The best way to get a true idea on what the florals for your day will cost is to get in touch by completing the enquiry form with as much information as possible. If you don’t know the names or types of flowers don’t worry, that’s my job. Numbers of tables, dreams for the ceremony area are very important to be made aware of at this stage. 


There is also a box for your budget, this isn’t set in stone but it allows me to create something in line with what you are looking for, as the example above shows prices can differ greatly and if you have £1800 and I send you a quote for £5k it’s disheartening, and the same goes for the other end of the budget scale.


If you need any more information please just ask.